Tool Room Grinding Wheels

High-performance toolroom grinding wheels for surface, cylindrical and tool/cutter grinding applications, as well as tool and drill sharpening.

Blue Ceramic grain – Available in 20% through 50% mixtures with premium A/O grains. Excellent for grinding steels with 40 or greater Rockwell hardness. Faster stock removal with longer wheel life cool grinding and excellent stock removal with 3-5 times the wheel life of aluminum oxide. Available in ‘induced porosity’ bonds.

Green Premium silicon carbide grain – Used primarily for bench and pedestal offhand grinding of carbide and ceramic tools. Formulated for grinding non steel materials, cemented carbide, titanium, composites and plasma sprayed materials.

Grey Premium A/O semi-friable grain – Used primarily for bench and pedestal offhand grinding of H.S.S. tools. ‘TA’ grain toolroom wheels are an economical choice for general purpose applications. ’10TA’ grain wheels are an excellent choice for centerless grinding of steel and steel alloys.

Off White Versatile high performance monocrystal aluminum oxide abrasive grain ideal for medium to heavy stock removal on a wide range of applications and materials. Typical toolroom applications include surface grinding, tool and cutter grinding and drill sharpening. Free cutting on a wide range of materials.

Orange Premium A/O grain with clay induced bond. Fires out orange to brick red. Used for tool grinding when trying to hold a radius or sharp corner. May also be used when form grinding.

Pink Premium A/O light bright pink grain – Used primarily for surface grinding of high content chrome steel. Excellent for use on heat sensitive materials and exotic alloy materials.Light to medium stock removal .001-.002 per pass.

Ruby 25A Ruby grain is excellent for grinding a wide variety of tool steels at moderate to heavy feed rates. Used in many tool and die and mold grinding operations, this durable grain will hold forms and will stay sharp and free cutting.

White Premium friable grain – Used primarily for grinding hard tool steels. Cool cutting on heat sensitive material. Light stock removal, .001 or less per pass. 20A grain toolroom wheels are available in ‘induced porosity’ for faster cooler stock removal in surface grinding applications

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